Masterclass: Develop Your Brand's DNA


The Masterclass is an online program to support you define your Brand's DNA based on your values to help you attract your target audience and create an engaging community.

Our aim is to empower you and your organisation to create a strong and meaningful brand to inspire your customers and attract potential markets searching for authenticy and unique ethical businesses. 

Starting Date: 25th of February 2019


Do you know your brand’s DNA? Or does it even  have one? 

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Most of the time conscious creatives & fashion designers have to use their energy and resources on developing unique collections and managing   business operations! Nowadays the market needs more than a pretty product or having some influencers to talk about your brand.  

You need to build a tribe that resonates with your story and willing to engage with your brand. After all, you do not want a one time success story, right? What about if we work together on creating the right communication and marketing implementation for your business? You will attract the right audience to continue your journey while fulfilling your mission.

Did you ever ask yourself, why people prefer some brands instead of others? It is because they have a clear and strong Brand DNA. Their communication is based on their values. This makes it easy for audiences to resonate and engage with them. Subconsciously choosing a brand works like choosing a new friend: You look for similarities and aspects to connect.

It seems like having a strong Brand DNA is the key to business growth. So it is time to get yours! Building your Brand DNA is the first step to implement your marketing strategies to success. We will show you how you can easily do this for your brand as well! Let's get started!


The program has been specifically developed for sustainable fashion designers & those working in the creative industry. 

Promoting the purpose behind your brand.

This masterclass is perfect for everyone who runs his/her own business or team members within an organisation that are responsible for marketing and branding. 

If you work with agencies or external freelancers in marketing, we recommend to do this course by yourself and share the outcome with them. We will create a foundation for your marketing and branding that is based on your unique values and they should be defined only by you.

This course will be run in English and can be accessed from everyone around the world.


This program will teach you to:

  • Create a complete set of personal values

  • Implement a step-by-step guide to transfer personal values into business values

  • Integrate your defined values into your marketing and your company culture

  • Define your brand purpose and develop a brand promise out of it

  • Learn from inspiring case studies from international brands and companies

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs that prevent you from stepping out into public with your brand and become visible

  • Grow with market proven strategies that let you create amazing campaigns that stick in your customers mind

  • Get an overview of successful communication strategies that show you how to engage your audience based on your brand’s purpose




87 EUR + VAT                      97 EUR + VAT


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